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Mechanical Engineering is one of the conventional branches of Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering may be regarded as mother of all engineering branches as It is involved in one way or the other in almost every industry. Traditionally mechanical engineers deal with the design, development, production and maintenance of all kinds of machines and their usage. With fast changing technology certain changes are essential for mechanical engineers. Considering these aspects we aim at training the students to adapt themselves to the fast changing technology.

Mechanical engineers can find opportunities in many fields including automotive, aerospace, materials processing and development, power production, consumer products, robotics and automation, semiconductor processing, and instrumentation. Mechanical engineering can also be the starting point for careers in bioengineering, environmental and aeronautical engineering, finance, and business management.

In our college effective utilization of experienced faculty in the field of Mechanical Engineering coupled with well-trained and suitably qualified laboratory staff inducted for technical assistance takes the top priority. Multiple laboratory handling and on hands practice is ascertained by the five supporting staff members. Specialization at the post graduation of faculty members has been regarded as the department policy for better allocation of curriculum and justification for a true class room education. Concept of tutorials as a part of the teaching methodology is practiced for analytical subjects. Special attention is paid to enrich the library with lot of valuable additions. Five Technical journals are bought regularly to meet the requirement of students and faculty . Equipment and associated requirements for the future course work are enlisted for ready reference.